Q: How do I contact you?
A: You can contact me directly from the site. You can also contact me through the book’s Facebook page. (links provided below) You can also contact me at 336-391-3412 if you choose.

Q: How much does it cost to have me come read to and speak to your class or civic organization.
A: I do not charge to come speak to any group. If you have funds available and would like to offset travel expenses, any amount is appreciated but not expected.  All I ask is for the opportunity to sell my book while I am there. Cost of the book is $10. I will gladly sign and personalize any book sold while at your event.

Q: What is your target audience?
A: The book’s writing is geared to k5-2nd grade. The book however appeals to audiences of all ages. As much as the book is about a little boy that gets hi first wheelchair and the independence that wheelchair gives him, it is about the wheelchair dreaming about all the things it could have been instead of focusing on what it was created to be. How many of us even as adults don’t still do this?

Q: What type of programs do you have available?
A: I have shared my book and my story with everyone from preschoolers to senior citizens and everyone in between. I will share my book with one class at a school, one grade or the entire school depending on what that school wants. What works best at schools is allotting a certain amount of time to read the book and tell my story and then give the students a chance to ask questions of someone with a disability that they normally would not have a chance to ask. No matter the age group, I always allow the opportunity to ask questions. I am very flexible and have tried many different formats as far as presentation and am open to trying whatever the situation calls for.

Q: Where can I buy your book?
A: The best place to buy my book is at one of my events so I could meet each and everyone of you personally and sign your book. Knowing that isn’t always a possibility, there are many places you can purchase my book. Here are a just a few of the places you can purchase my book: createspace.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Lulu.com, and Amazon.com. You can also purchase it on Amazon.com as an ebook for your kindle.

Q:Why am I willing to come even though there may be limited financial gain?
A: This is one of the most intriguing questions I am often asked. The reasons I am willing to do this are many. I believe I have a story to tell. I believe that people with special challenges and those without can find inspiration in my story. I also believe I have a responsibility to tell my story for those same reasons. I believe that no matter where, when or how I am asked to share my story that there is at least one person there that needs to hear my story. I believe that if I set a price to that that it will discourage someone from asking me to share my story when they might otherwise would have. The best reason to not charge is I get to spend my time sharing my story with children, making them laugh and smile, while entertaining, inspiring and educating them all at the same time. Who could put a price on that? It doesn’t hurt that I am still a big kid at heart myself!