About Wally

Meet Wally: he’s a child’s wheelchair who dreams of doing something great and exciting in the world some day.

Meet Timmy: he’s a little boy with a big imagination and a lot of energy, who needs a wheelchair to get around. This is the story of how Wally and Timmy meet, help each other, and become the best of friends.slide1

From the Author: I began this project with writing a book loosely based on getting my first wheelchair and the changes it brought into my world. It gave me an independence and a freedom that I never imagined and allowed me to see my world from a different perspective.

I want to use this story to promote that kind of freedom and independence in kids of all ages who are dealing with all kinds of disabilities. I want to use this project to let them know that no matter what disabilities they face that they can meet those challenges and they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. I also want to use this project to let parents know that it is okay that their child has a disability and though the child may have limitations, the possibilities of what their child can accomplish is limitless I envision this book being the beginning of a series that reaches kids from preschool all the way to their teenage years.